how to decorate bed with quilt

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To feature the quilt, use other furniture and decor such as rugs or curtains that suit the quilt’s style. A crazy quilton the bed, a big armchair, eyelet pillow shams and ruffled curtains create a cozy, feminine effect.

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  • How to decorate a bedroom with a decorative quilt?

  • A decorative quilt can also act as an accessory, giving your bedroom a pop of color and a cozy feel. Stretch the fitted sheet over the 4 corners of your mattress. If your bed is up against a wall or side table, start at that corner first because the last corner is always the hardest to get on. Make sure it fits snug so it鈥檚 nice and smooth on top.

  • How do you put a quilt on the bed?

  • Quilts are a great way to add some color and texture to your bedroom decor. Putting it on the bed is pretty straightforward, but if you want it to look extra tidy, you can tuck it into the sides and bottom. Doing a hospital tuck at the bottom corners will make your bedding look straight out of a magazine!

  • Do I need a larger quilt for my Bed?

  • If not, you鈥檒l need a larger quilt. If your quilt is a little too small, you can still use it as an accessory on top of your bed. Fold the top sheet back over the quilt to make a horizontal band. Move to one corner at the head of the bed and grab the top sheet. Fold it back towards the foot of the bed so that it envelops the quilt.

  • How to decorate a bed with a patchwork quilt?

  • One of the simplest ways to bring together a room that features a quilt on the bed is to work with a decorating theme or style. A country cottage, eclectic or rustic style decorating blend well with a traditional handmade patchwork quilt.

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