how to use plants in home decor

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Place plants in a small cluster around a sitting area. This will add color to your area while also creating a space where you can feel closer to nature right inside your home. Employ a variety of plant types and sizes to create a visually pleasing environment.

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  • How to decorate your home with indoor plants?

  • Use them to add color to a room, to create a refreshing and relaxing mood, to purify the air or simply as accent features. Grow indoor plants in hanging terrariums or pods. You can create beautiful mini gardens and hang them from the ceiling or display them on shelves. They鈥檙e a great option for modern and contemporary homes.

  • How can I make my house look like a garden?

  • If you have an extra surface without much goin鈥?on, try adding tons of plants and making it a beautiful, lively little plant shrine. I think using a variety of pots makes any plant area look more interesting. I love how these all match the same color scheme as well! Try mixing up your pots and clumping a bunch of them in the same area.

  • Why add hanging plants to your home decor?

  • Adding hanging plants in an interior can make things really pop, since it鈥檚 unexpected and adds a new layer to your decor. This dip-dyed version is basically perfect! *heart eyes emoji* Instead of using an entire plant, why not add a frond or branch here and there? It adds that bit of plant beauty and looks great with bohemian or modern designs.

  • Can plants help you decorate your walls?

  • Even if your plant’s vines don’t wrap all the way around one of your wall mirrors, a little bit of green can make for extra special selfies, Agatha shares. It鈥檚 always super exciting when plants start to trail so they can help decorate walls, she adds.

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